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Email Internal notes to teams not working

I don't know if I am just missing a setting or something but I am trying to assign tickets to teams and I would like for the internal notes on that ticket to be sent by email to the whole team. I feel like that is possible but I think I might be missing a setting or something. Can I get some help on this?

I don't know what info you need from my end so I'll give you a little info.

Running v1.7.0
I have setup SMTP for all three default emails
I have selected on of those emails for the default
I have my staff assign to a team
I assign that team to a ticket and they all get a new ticket email
When I try to post an internal note no one gets an email
My alert setting are set to send internal notes to assigned staff

If you need any other info please feel free to ask.


  • To Add...

    To add some info, I think this is a "TEAM" related issue.

    How I have come to this conclusion is that the internal notes work if I myself am assigned to the ticket (apart from a team).

    The issue I see is that the teams are not working as if it is assigning them all individually to the ticket but rather it is almost as if it is regarding the team as ONE user.

    Please advise
  • update testing with osticket 1.8.1,
    with admin panel->alerts & notices enabled for new internal note Last Respondent, Assigned Staff, Department Manager (spammy).

    testing step:
    reassigned tiket to team-> not working, 
    reassign again to  staff->not working
    set department manager->still not get email new internal note notifications.

  • just for adding:
    seems email notif only work for last respondent (staff)?


  • edited February 2014
    Please start your own thread in the proper section of the forums for the version that you are using.  Please do not hijack and zombie old threads for other versions that are 8 months old.

    Also make sure that you make that its enabled at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices -> New Internal Note Alert
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