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Person that raises the ticket - only one that can close that ticket

Hi OSTicket Guru's
is it possible to limit ticket closing to the person that raises the ticket ?

I am using os ticket as an issue raising platform & we are raising issues but the other users are closing off tickets prematurely - ie not fixing the issue 100%.

I know we can re-open tickets - but I was just wondering if it was possible for internally created tickets that the person that raises it is the only one that can close it.

Great system though.


  • I suppose if you make a department for each person and have that person the only one in the department and assign all tickets to the persons department that you might be able to get that kind of behavior... but I think that this would also have the side effect of people not being able to see each others tickets.

    I think that the answer your looking for is, there is no way to do this sort of thing currently in osTicket with out modifying the code base.
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