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Inserting Last Update Column in Ticket List

This mod came from

I just test and adapt to v1.7 go:

Add in class.ticket.php After line 450 this

function getLastReplyRespondent() {
$lastmsgdate = strtotime($this->getLastMessageDate());
$lastresdate = strtotime($this->getLastResponseDate());

if ($lastmsgdate <= $lastresdate) {
return $lastresdate;
} else {
return $lastmsgdate;

Add in after line 379 this

<th nowrap>Updated</th>
<th width=\"30\">

Add in after line 458

<?php $ticket = new Ticket($row['ticket_id']);?>
<td nowrap style=\"font-weight:bold\"><?php
$VarRes = 0;
$VarRes = Format::db_datetime($ticket->getLastReplyRespondent());

if ($VarRes == 0)
print $VarRes;
print $VarRes;

I would like to someone help me to print the new column (Updated)in the export csv file.


  • worked for me on 1.7. Thanks

    better to post this on 1.7 section.
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