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Client login

edited November 2013 in Mods and Customizations
Hi, I've customized osTicket to make a complete customer portal with userID and password based client login. Clients can be added by the Control panel staffs. Also, Customers can add(sign-up) their own staffs with specific permissions.
After login, customers can see all of their their tickets with status and responses.

I've also changed directory structure and placed templates at one place, so that it will be easy to change the front-end .
I've also extended the logging functionality to log more details and actions.

Currently, i am coding a live chat system. I will Release the codes after finish so that anyone can use the scripts and get help.

I have plan to change more. I will post future major customizations.

Currently i have a plan to write documentation for osticket customization.

Customer portal landing page:


Customer portal manage staffs:

SCP(Staff Control Panel): add(sign-up) client


  • nice stuff...
  • thank you

    Thank you. :)
  • very interesting
    I await developments

  • Are you going to attach the directions for implementing this (or an attachment with files needed?)
  • I want it to be more professional looking

    I want all aspects to me finished, to have a professional looking theme.
    Then i will release the codes with guides
    cheers :)
  • Very nice. How are things progressing with this?
  • This mod looks really nice and it is kind of what i am trying to do right now, any news on this?
  • Love the way this looks. Would love to toy around with it myself when it's released.
  • Very interesting. When it would be available?
  • edited December 2013
    lastly, that job was really mammoth and i had to customize osticket so much that it has become an almost different thing,
    something i like to call a IIG helpdesk ... :) ,
    bad bad bad ... making it as a mod now practically impossible for me for time.
    Anyone Interested can contact me skype: minhaj_vimmanaic

    some screenshots:




    1Asia-ahl support center Control Panel 2013-12-23 22-47-32.png
    1202 x 923 - 186K
    1Asia-ahl support center Control Panel 2013-12-23 22-48-07.png
    1202 x 879 - 80K
    1Asia-ahl support center Control Panel 2013-12-23 22-48-43.png
    1202 x 2047 - 127K
    1Asia-ahl support center Control Panel 2013-12-23 22-49-33.png
    1202 x 8371 - 773K
  • Where is the source to this? How can I enable it?
  • Hello everyone,
    here is the source code repo:
  • edited March 2014

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