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[resolved] Ticket attachment "Error 400 undefined"

Hello guys! I installed OSticket and configured it. Everything works fine. But I am not able to upload attachments. Its like a size limit. I can upload files with 3-10 kb but if it gets lager it just says "error undefined 500" . I don't get it. Maybe you guys can help me?


  • - User side or Agent side?
    - What limit have you configured for file upload? (Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets > Attachments)
    - Is the file type / extension allowed to be uploaded? (Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets > Attachments)
    - Have you checked your PHP error log for possibly more info?
  • Both sides.  10 Mb each. every extension is allowed. can't find anything.
  • osTicket 1.9.4 is a bit out-dated and I think around that version a bug was present, so my suggestion is to upgrade to the latest version (1.9.12) ;)
  • Hrmm I upgraded to 1.9.12. Sadly still not working. But why does it say "This isTicket version no longer supported" ?
  • v1.9.12 (19292ad) is the newest version, so I guess something in your environment prevents the check of the version. The code for the check is in the file /include/staff/ 

    Maybe it would be better that osticket reports in this case that the check has failed instead of "version is no longer supported"..
  • I had never this type of problem but maybe it has something to do with your webserver config like in this case:
  • Good Morning,

    I checked the but I'm really bad in php.. :D
    I read that blog and tried it. The config I added in the httpd.conf. did not work. but then i checked if that module is installed and it wasn't.
    after installing it works perfectly!

    Thanks so much guys.
  • Great!

    I'll mark this thread as resolved and close it.
    Feel free to open a new one for another topic.
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