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[resolved] Change the assignment to "Not Assigned" when transfering


I want to ask if it's possible, in the last version (1.9.12) change the assignment of a ticket already assigned, when someone change dept.

For example: if the ticket is assigned to me, and I changes the dept, the assignment needs to disappear, like if no one never assigned it.

I've already seen but I don't find the correct line to put that code.


  • Have to admit that I looked at the pull request and the code too, but couldn't find the correct line to put that code or the line where to insert an additional update query to remove the ticket assignment :(

    Maybe forum moderator @ntozier has better eyes ;)
  • Ok, I'll wait @ntozier for this.
  • I think hes suggesting to change /include/class.ticket.php
    line 764

    .' WHERE ticket_id='.db_input($this->getId());

    .', staff_id=0, isanswered=0 WHERE ticket_id='.db_input($this->getId());
  • I've done it in an easier way:

    class.ticket.php - line #1652





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