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Dynamic fields (category and sub category)

Hi All,

How can one create two custom fields of type "List" so that they are dependent on each other example:"Country" list field and "Cities" field, the cities field should list only cities in the country chosen from the "Country" field.

I have seen a couple of posts that suggests this may not be applicable, but then I saw it was implemented in this website

Does anyone have a clue how to implement this? It's critical in ticket classification and reporting! 

Thank you


  • This is not a feature in osTicket at this time.

    What you can do is use Help Topic (which is a list), to add a custom form based on the Help Topic picked.
    That custom form of course could have a list.
  • Thanks ntozier for your quick feedback,

    As you can see in the URL mentioned, they have been able to make it work (Server field content changes when you change game field content)

    Maybe programmatically then? Where would be the right place to start digging on this? I am thinking it would be to fetch the right subcategory from database when selecting a category, triggered on change of the first field.

    What do you think?
  • They then customize the code for their open page.
    Game appears to be a custom list.  Server is a custom list
    They are probably using a custom bit of javascript and a sql query to change the server list.
    You might want to ask them how they did it.  They might be willing to provide you with the code.
    It also looks like they changed the label for Help Topic to Subcategory.

  • edited November 2015
    Oh you think they did this on the interface level :D? Maybe, that's not a bad idea. But I would go for a more robust and profound way, something that fetches the right categories from the DB (in case it was updated later) is there a guide or tutorial somewhere on how to edit the code and mod osTicket?? That would be awesome :)
  • Hi Kwagdy,

    I'm also stuck with this same situation. Did u get any solution to make dynamic cataegories like this site

    (Server field content changes when you change game field content)

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