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Add new Source

Hey guys,

What are the files I need to modify if I want to add a new "source" to the ticket?

Right now, it has Source: Phone/Email/Other. I'd like to add "Fax" to it. Any clue? :)

Love to hear your suggestions!
Thanks all!


  • Currently only staff can open a ticket and select a source. That drop down is built in the include/staff/ around line 82. You can add an additional option in there.

    <select name=\"source\">
    <option value=\"\" selected >Select Source</option>
    <option value=\"Phone\"<?=($info['source']=='Phone')?'selected':''?>>Phone</option>
    <option value=\"Email\" <?=($info['source']=='Email')?'selected':''?>>Email</option>
    <option value=\"Other\" <?=($info['source']=='Other')?'selected':''?>>Other</option>
    <option value=\"Fax\" <?=($info['source']=='Fax')?'selected':''?>>Fax</option>
    &nbsp;<font class=\"error\"><b>*</b>&nbsp;<?=$errors['source']?></font>
  • ntozier, thank you for the response. I did what you recommended, and I can see the new "Source" in the drop-down menu. But when I submit the ticket with the new "source" selected, it says: "Invalid Source - Fax"

    any clue? is there anything else I need to modify?
  • Hmmm let me take a looksee.
  • take a look at \support\include\class.ticket.php
    circa line 1456ish

    should look like:
            if($var['source'] && !in_array(strtolower($var['source']),array('email','phone','other')))
    $errors['source']='Invalid source - '.Format::htmlchars($var['source']);

    change it to
            if($var['source'] && !in_array(strtolower($var['source']),array('email','phone','other','fax')))
    $errors['source']='Invalid source - '.Format::htmlchars($var['source']);

    Ok there is more to do... the database table structure itself needs to be changed. You will need to run a mysql cli or gui and execute the following command:
    alter table ost_ticket change source source ENUM('Web','Email','Phone','Fax','Other');

    You should probably make sure that they are in the same order every where (which I didn't do but you should).
  • Thank You! That worked! :)
  • this still work in 1.8 just testet if anyone use it. 
  • In v1.9.x, look for a file called ticket-new.php under \osticket\include\staff then search ~Line 117
    and the \osticket\include\class.ticket.php Line 2614...

    I've ran the same command in MySQL as above and it's worked.

    Happy Days!! 
  • I would not recommend running this mod on 1.9.+ since the feature is actively being worked on by the devs and might even make the next release.
  • edited December 2015
    hey guys,

    in have not the "" i changed it at the ""

    i add the value in the database "ost_tickets".

    osticket say " * Invalid source given - Monitoring"

    has anyone a idea?
  • This thread is from 2011.
    What version are you running?
  • ost 1.9.12 on ms win2012, iis8,5 and php 5.6.14

  • I don't see anything wrong with what you have done.

  • With these settings, it should go .... yes or?

  • The condiation is "!in_array(strtolower" so you i write "monitoring" with an small "m". Then it will work,
  • hi has anyone tested this working on v1.10.1 i want to add a few new ticket source fields as well ?
  • Hi, I just tried it and it works! but when I do an advanced search and select the source, I do not see the ones I added. Any ideas????
  • This thread is from 2011... for version 1.6.  You are bound to run into difficulty with advanced search since it was updated multiple times between 1.6 and current.  

    ost_ticket.source is an enum.  Which means you likely have to change the table itself.
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