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Facebook integration plugin

I have created a Facebook integration plugin that allows customers to create tickets by sending messages to a Facebook page. When the staff answers the response will be posted back to Facebook so the customer never has to leave Facebook.

This is an early version which needs more testing and not really ready for production. If anyone is interested in testing and/or developing this further, please let me know.

This has been implemented as a pure plugin, no core files has been modified. With that said there are some things that could be changed upstream to make this even better.
Wishlist for upstream changes:
  • The sources for tickets are hardcoded. So tickets from Facebook can only have the source "Api" or "Other". I would be nice to have these dynamic so it could say "Source: Facebook"
  • To post responses back to Facebook I tap into the signal "model.created". Even though this work, it would be nice to have a proper way of creating new ticket sources in plugins.
Todo for this plugin:
  • To get this plugin to work you need to specify some Facebook tokens and other ids which is not so user friendly. A better way of setting it up would be nice
  • To set the help topic you need to specify the raw help id. A dropdown would be nicer.
  • No paging is implemented. If there is more new content to be fetched between polls to Facebook, than returned in one request, they might be lost.
Find the code in the facebook-branch here:


  • Wow, great to see plugin system is used more and more even though it's not fully integrated/finished yet!

    Personally I'm not interested in a Facebook plugin, but I'm sure there might be some others interested in this ;)
  • Very interested in working on getting this implemented.. currently using 1.10 rc2 and it does not work.. gives a 500 server error after installing the plugin. I do get a plugin installed correctly message but after that trying to navigate to any other page completely crashes the system.

    any idea what could be wrong or what needs to be changed for it to be compatible with this version?
  • You need to get the error message from your webserver to figure out what is wrong.
    Please note that this has only been tested in 1.9.12
  • Here are the screen shots that were produced installing the plugin.

    It says installed correctly, then shows a 500 server error when refreshing the page
    Checked the Cpanel error log and its empty
    Checked the database and the tables were not created

    The log file inside of OSTicket was full of several errores from testing so I emptied it before installing the plugin and after I installed it the log was still empty.

    Not sure where else I should look for errors to be shown?
  • Hi guys,

    Has there been any update on this? I'm trying to find out what steps to take to make this FB plugin work, e.g. I've created a FB app to get a app ID as well as a secret token. Any quick instructions as to how to get this going?
  • If you have any issues installing the plugin, please write them and I will do my best to answer. It was a while ago I made this...
  • hello, I want to test your plugins

    could you tell me what is the "Help topic"?
    where can we find the ID?
    Thank you
  • Admin/Manage/Help topics
    Press on one and you have it in the address-bar. Like this:
  • edited August 16
    Thanks Mickprag :)

     I think my setting in FaceBook is incomplete.

    I have to choose as product "Messanger"?

    Thank you
  • I have no webhooks setup. The plugin polls Facebook instead.
  • Thanks,
    So, I did not understand how to find the "Access Token"
    Here is what I did for the moment
  • I don't think its possible though the admin interface. I use a custom php script for this. It would be nice if it could be integrated into the plugin. Anyone interested in helping out?

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