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How to use Team and agent and departments fro my structure

Hello i am using os tickets to my education support system. this is my structure, there will be only on department (support department)
There will be mentor and teacher and student


Subject 1&2---mentor---1

1.)If teacher is enable to answer the student question the the mentor is able to answer
2.)If a student raises the questions (subject 1) a email should be sent to Teacher , Student and mentor
3.) Is it possible that only admin can give login for student to register


  • Please help me
  • 1) Give them the permissions to do so via groups unders Admin Panel > Agents > Groups and assign the group permissions then to their agent accounts

    Enable ticket auto-response for user and agents (student, teacher and mentor in your case) and auto assign tickets to a team consisting of agents (teacher and agent)
    Take a look at:
    Admin Panel > Settings > Autoresponder
    Admin Panel > Settings > Alerts & Notices
    Admin Panel > Agents > Teams

    3) Yes, just make their accounts to Agents (and not admins) under Admin Panel > Agents > Agents > Name of the Agent, e.g. John Doe > Account Type > Agent
  • As you said i have created 4-Agents(teacher) and assigned them to help 4-topic. And i have created 2-Teams also. Here is my flow chart
    in this case
    1. Customers(Students)
    2. Agents(teachers)
    3. Admin(Admin)
    4. Help Topics( Subjects)
    5. Mentor(___________) I need this to be know?How can i create mentor?

    Teacher(AGENTS) |  Help topic

    1.Algebra                 |  Algebra
    2.Linear                   |Linear
    3.Digital                   |Digital
    4.Algor                    |Algor

    My questions
    1. There will be a mentor to some  subject(help topics). If any one raises a question regarding that subject(help topics),and teacher(agent) is not able to answer the question then the mentor will answer.
    • The mentor should able to get notification of the ticket requested
    2. Online Admin should can able to create login access to customers,Teachers( Agents) are not able to create customers.

  • 1. I'd create mentors as agents too since beside agents and end users there is nothing like mentors in osTicket. You could create an own department for mentors and transfer tickets then to these departments or teams consisting of teachers and mentors and assign tickets then to the team(s).

    2. Just give then Agent account status/permission under Admin Panel > Agents > Agents > "Name if the agent" and not Admin account status ;)
  • how to remove resolved option in tickets 
  • Edit your Ticket Statues List.

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists - > Ticket Statuses -> Items tab

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