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Department Transfer Alert

I've noticed that if ticket is assigned to both Agent and Department and at the same time same ticket transfer to different department and transfer alert not received to that recipient department's agents.

OST Version - 1.9.5v  


  • I have the same issue on OST 1.9.12

    osTicket Version    v1.9.12 (19292ad)
    Web Server Software    Apache
    MySQL Version    5.5.44
    PHP Version    5.3.3-7+squeeze28

    After transfer Ticket to other Department only Department manager got alert, Department Members not.

    I tried solutions #2356
    but not works for me.

    I tried solve the problem in code but I didn't have succes and now I'm eager waiting for 1.10 - I hope that will solve the problem.

    But if someone have solutions - It will be very welcome.
  • edited February 2016
    @mohankarunasiri 1.9.5 is old please upgrade.

    neither of you have posted your Autoresponder settings.
  • Thanks, I've posted Autoresponder Settings herewith, Please check.
  • Here is my alert and autoresponder settings, thanks.
  • I don't see anything wrong.
    I tested this on my installation.
    • For Assignment "Assigned Agent / Team " seems to work fine (We do not use Teams so I cannot test that part).
    • For Transfer "Assigned Agent / Team" and "Department Members" seems to work fine (We do not use "Department Manager" so I cannot test that part).
    Transfer department alerted when the ticket was assigned to the department.
    Assigning to a staff alerted the staff member that the ticket is assigned to them.

  • I've attached my test scenario which I've tested in my live environment. Please somebody could explained why second thing not worked.  
  • I confirm mohankarunasiri scenario - great idea. How out of this?
  • The tickets I test with all had an assigned Department and Agent.
  • I've done the testing according to below attached scenario, department transfer done by "Agent X" in
    "Department A" that agent changed the department transfer only but "Department Transfer Alert" not goes to "Department B".

    This is actually I wanted to test with you all.
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