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ticket status still blank after creation


I am using Osticket v1.9.12 on ubuntu platform.
When i create a ticket, the status still blank even default status is set in the global ticket settings.
It seems problem happened after a ticket is created from email.

I joined some screenshots.



  • No screen shots in thread.
    Contents of Ticket Statuses list?
    Using a Language pack?

    Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting
    guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • Hi 
    thanks for your help.
    I forgot to insert images... Sorry.
    I used French Language pack.

    Thanks a lot.

  • If you switch to English do you have that problem?

    Do you have more than one Ticket Statuses lists?
  • Yes, it happends even if i switch to english.
    I have only one statuses list.

  • Anything in your PHP error logs?

    Whats your environment? (server, php ver, etc)

    Can you look at your ost_list table? in the database
  • I am on  Ubuntu: 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.14
    I checked log but there is not errors.

    See list table and statuses table below.

  • edited March 2016
    That's an webserver log not a PHP error log.
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