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double sending ticket from the agent to the client initially??


  • Hello everyone! Guys when I reply to a ticket, there is a double sending of the ticket to the client, how to fix it?
  • Don't double click the Post Reply button?
    Don't reload the page after hitting Post Reply?
  • No, all sent correctly, double clicking didn't do post, the page did not update. It happens, but not often. There are three messages sent.
  • Hi all,

    same problem here... it only happens with one guy in our staff, and the strange thing is that double answers are sent even an hour later or more, but there is not a regular time between sendings.

    Sometimes we have like 10 doubled answers from the staff to the customer.

  • I do not see any osTicket versions in this thread.
    I have never seen this behavior ever except by user error.
  • My version ostiket 1.9.12
  • I'm having the same problem. Happens for 1 agent, on selected tickets only. Agent uses Chrome. Other agents using this browser do not have this issue. I asked to switch browser for osTicket to Chrome, we'll see if this issue is browser related.

    What browser do you use?

  • Chrome 
  • Same issue here (v1.9.5.1) Happened once last week and again today with a different agent. They're not double clicking or refreshing the page (I saw it happen today as I was sat with the agent)

    For me, it always duplicates 3 times.
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