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Request - Better SLA / Ticket Alerts / Notifications

First off we're enjoying our deployment of osTicket. Thanks for making a stellar product. I work for a tv / internet / telephone provider. We focus 99% on residential services, so most of our support requests are coming from residential customers and being handled by our Customer Service team. Prior to using osTicket we just tracked issues through a general customerservice@ email address. This posed SO MANY problems and caused a lot of overlap and dropped help requests. osTicket has really helped prevent the issues we were experiencing. We've been using it for a little over 3 months now, and there's really only one thing that bugs me about the product that I wish it did differently.

The way the system works for notifying agents and teams about new and updated tickets is great, where it really lacks in my opinion is with notifications for idle tickets. Right now the only thing that manages idle tickets is the SLA plan, but this feels very restrictive. What I'm looking for is more of a trigger system where based on certain criteria the system sends out an email / alert to the appropriate person. Examples of what I'm looking to do:
  • Send out alerts to departments/teams if a ticket sits unassigned for a certain amount of time
  • Send out alerts to the assigned Agent if a ticket has been responded to by the customer but the agent hasn't followed up in a certain amount of time
  • Send out reminder email to the customer if they haven't responded to the agent in a certain amount of time
  • Have the SLA due date update based on the last response time by an Agent. Eg:
    • SLA is set to 24h
    • 10AM - Ticket comes in from a customer (24h left in SLA, due date is 10AM next day)
    • 11AM - Ticket is unassigned for over an hour and an email alert goes out to the CSR team (not marked over-due, 23h left in SLA, due date is 10AM next day)
    • 12PM CSR takes ownership of the ticket (22h left in SLA, due date is 10AM next day)
    • 1PM - CSR responds to ticket (due date is changed to 1PM next day)
    • 9PM - Customer hasn't responded to ticket for 8h, reminder email sent out (16h left in SLA, due date is 1PM next day)
    • 11PM - Customer responds to the ticket 2h after reminder email (14h left in SLA, due date is 1PM next day)
    • 7AM - CSR went home at 10pm previous night, ticket is waiting on Agent response for more than 8h, sends alert to assigned CSR (not marked over-due, 6h left in SLA, due date is 1PM)
    • 1PM - CSR called in sick, SLA runs out. Ticket is marked as over-due and an email alert is sent to the Department / Team

I hope this makes sense what I'm asking for or requesting. I feel that adding this sort of functionality to osTicket would really improve on it's value and usefulness.


  • Thank you for the suggestion.
  • Is there an update or Mod for the above suggestions #ntozier ???
  • @zuber not that I know of
  • @ntozier: Thank you for the quick reply.

    Any help on this please. If there is mod or any suggestions please divert me to the same.

    Question 1: For Each Help Topic, department, SLA, Due Date can be configured by Admin. Then why is the need of Department, SLA, Due Date, Assign To fields in the Agent 'New Ticket' Page ? I know these fields are not mandatory. But How to hide these fields from the New Ticket Form ?

    Question 2: For Sub Topics under Help Topic, I have created Custom Lists and attached Custom Form for each Help topic. It works Great. But the it appears below these fields (Department, SLA, Due Date, Assign To) as shown in the Attachment. Please help me to get rid of those fields or atleast get the sub category below Help topics.

  • Is there some reason why you are trying to hijack someone else's Suggestion and Feedback thread?
  • I realized later then created a new thread.. Sry abt that..

  • No worries. :)
  • edited May 2016
    I'd just like to echo everything Brian mentioned, I think SLA plans are osTicket's weakness right now.
  • ntozier, How do overdue notifications work on Windows systems.  Is this accomplished via a cron job on the Linux installations?
  • Hello @ntozier. Is there any modification or update on the above suggestion? 
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