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Hide Department, SLA, Due Date Fields and Aligning Sub Category next to Help Topics Field

Any help on this please. If there is mod or any suggestions please divert me to the same.

Question 1: For Each Help Topic, department, SLA, Due Date can be configured by Admin. Then why is the need of Department, SLA, Due Date, Assign To fields in the Agent 'New Ticket' Page ? I know these fields are not mandatory. But How to hide these fields from the New Ticket Form ?

Question 2: For Sub Topics under Help Topic, I have created Custom Lists and attached Custom Form for each Help topic. It works Great. But the it appears below these fields (Department, SLA, Due Date, Assign To) as shown in the Attachment. Please help me to get rid of those fields or atleast get the sub category below Help topics.


  • Version of osTicket?

    Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • Version is v1.9.12.. 
  • Ticket Routing to X department is auto routed based on the Help Topic he selects.. I need help in hiding those Department, SLA, Due Date Fields so that My Sub Category will appear next to Help Topics.. Or Atleast even if I don't hide those fields, I should at least get the Sub Category next to Help topic Field.. Please Help.. (Attachment is in previous Post)
  • @ntozier: Please help

  • @zuber only way I can think of is to edit the PHP on the new ticket form and either set a variable which you can add to your admin settings or remove those fields entirely from the form. Those mods would need ot be manually re-added when the next version of OSTicket is released but it will at least allow you to accomplish what you need to. 
  • Rich_C is correct
  • @Rich_C: Thank you so much. I am very new to modifications. Could you please let me know which lines of the code to be commented and in what file. ?

    The problem is the "Ticket Information and Options" Form is not configurable. I did not find this form in Build in Forms. Otherwise I could completely disable/delete the form and create a custom form with needed fields. Thank in advance..
  • I have never mucked around in that section of the code so... no idea.  Anyone else know?
  • The file you want to edit will be in include/staff/

    Around line 165-168 you should see 
    <td width="160">
                    <?php echo __('Department'); ?>:

    Add the following line <?php  if ($thisstaff->getGroupId() <=2) { ?> above <tr> This is checking the permissions level; 1 is admin and we have supervisors as 2, so if you wanted just admins to see this partjust but 1 instead of 2. I believe these numbers are assigned based off the order they were created. You may have to check when your admin group was created, if your admin group was created first then it will be assigned groupid 1 if it was created second then groupid would be 2 etc.. 

    Then you'll want to go down to about line 260 and should you see 
     </select>&nbsp;<span class='error'>&nbsp;<?php echo $errors['assignId']; ?></span>

    Right after </tr> add <?php } ?> this will close the if statement and will only show those drop down if you are an admin or whatever groupid you have selected. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • Thank you @ Draymo
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