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Select priority

On client panel i want to add a dropdown on new ticket panel so client can select priority of ticket.
How can i do this?


  • edited May 2016
    Most people assign the Priority based on the help topic selected... I don't think that you can allow the client to select the priority.  I also do not think that the client should be able to dictate that as everyone will always pick the highest priority since to them it is.

    Also you neglected to tell us what version of osTicket you are running.
  • Hello
    Thanks for your respond. I Know this but the company that i am working is asking for this. I am runing 1.9.12 version of osticket
  • Actually I think that you can do this...
    Try going to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.
    You may be able to change Priority Level visibility to Required.
  • Yes is done..
    Thank you very much for your help :)
  • You're very welcome. :)
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