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Stop email to support


I have set up my support email. I am still getting emails on this email address. I would like to stop all emails from appearing in my inbox and only use osTicket. Is this possible?

Thank you


  • You have not provided us with enough information to actually answer your question.

    If you are using a support email address why would emails be appearing in your email inbox?  

    The most common osTicket email setup is to collect email from a pop or IMAP mail box.  Depending on your server architecture you could setup email piping.

  • Sorry for not providing enough info.

    I have actually set up the email piping and osTicket is working fine. However, I want to stop received emails addressed to support email and only control emails on osTicket. Currently, I am receiving emails on osTicket and the support inbox. What I am trying to do is not have any emails delivered to support email and control all the emails on osTicket.

    I am not sure if this is possible.

  • So you setup a support email address (lets say support@domain.tld).
    You setup piping so those emails go to osTicket.
    And now you do not want emails sent to supprt@domain.tld be received by the support@domain.tld?
    Sounds to me like you need to change how you have your mailserver configured then.
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