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Overdue tickets

Hi everyone.

i noticed that, when a ticket is overdue, then an agent updated and moved due date, the ticket is now out of "overdue" status.(for me this is a proper behavior). My question is, On a monthly basis we export tickets to excel for reporting, but the report doesn't say which tickets were marked overdue. Is there any record where i can get the information that the ticket was marked overdue? thanks in advance. 


  • If you some how made a ticket no longer over due... then that information is not available as you made it not over due.  Overdue is a column in the ost_ticket table and is 0 or 1 (1 means over due).  Looking back some of my closed tickets are still = 1. 
  • Thanks ntozier for your response.

    is there any mod where if a ticket was marked overdue, there is a column where it stays overdue, for us to know that at some point in time, the ticket was overdue before an agent moves the due date?
  • You would have to look in the mods and customizations section for the version taht you are running.  But I can't remember any atm.
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