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Set "Post Reply" to "Do not send Email" for certain Users

it would be great if one could change the behaviour of the "To" Field at "Post Reply" to "Do not Email reply for certain users. My Collegue and I often open Tickets ourselfes so that we can keep track of them, but we do not need to send us emails about changes in the Tickets.



  • Why not create a specific department for those tickets?
    Then you could tick disable autoresponders for that department.
  • Hi ntozier,
    it is not about autoresponse but about the response to the ticket. If I have open a ticket and close it myself I want to add a response to the ticket (like "done, see http:/...") but I do not want this to be sent as Email. I can achive this by setting the respnse type to "Do not Email Reply" but I would like to have this field set by default for the users a,b,c

  • Ohhhh I see what your saying.
    I like this idea
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