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[resolved] OST1.9.12: unable to create config settings (#7)

Hello all,
I'm trying to install OST1.9.12 on Nginx, on a Debian 8 system. I've gotten past several errors, and thought I finally had it this morning, but I'm now getting the error in the subject: "unable to create config settings (#7)".

I ran into this yesterday, but found the problem (my root was /var/www/tickets/setup, so the js and css folders were wrong). I fixed that, but am seeing the same error. The weird thing is that I'm *not* seeing the error in the Nginx log that yesterday pointed me to the problem. The only thing in that log is the message that Nginx started. I don't see what file the installer wanted, or even that there was any kind of error at all.

I'm asking two things: how do I fix this, and where do I look to fix it? It's not making sense that there are no errors being logged in Nginx, yet OST is erroring out during the installation. It could be a permissions problem, possibly, but I'm not sure how since it creates the database just fine. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.


  • nginx is not a supported webserver.

    There are several very long issue reports for getting it to run at github have you read through them and adjusted your configs?
  • I found a recipe for getting it to work and followed that. I've seen mixed advice on using Nginx, and I knew going in it wasn't officially supported. I hoped it was one of those times when it works fine but hasn't been fully tested or something, so you can't call it "officially supported" only because of a technicality. Are there plans to support it in the future? It seems to be quite popular nowadays, and seems like a good option to include. I'll have to try to find the threads you mentioned.
  • I'm hoping that it will be supported at some point.  I'm not real sure why the devs haven't moved in that direction.  I think that if someone were to write a guide to make it work under nginx that might go a long way as most of the threads on github seemed to resolve around .htaccess and config changes to get things to work.
  • The page I keep finding is this one:

    Yet, I hit this same error every time--the one about not being able to create config settings. Does anyone know where this config file is to be created? It might be something as simple as me needing to grant permissions to the user on that folder. I just don't know what folder it is, and I've already given full permissions on /var/www/osticket. Thanks.
  • Just a quick update: I'm now serving OST through Apache. Technically, Nginx is my main server, but it hands anything to do with the OST subdomain off to Apache. Yet, I'm still getting this error during installation. Is there anything I could try? Any path that's not /var/www/osticket that I should check for permissions? Anything at all anyone can think of?
  • Just a note to say I found the problem! I found the string where the error was generated in class.installer.php, and found that it was where a check is done to make sure the information got written to the database. Because that was failing, I had another look at my MySQL. Turns out I hadn't granted full privileges to my OST user, only most privileges. I fixed that, and wouldn't you know it, the install ran fine. My only suggestion is that, for an error like that, the error message be made more explicit: "Could not create default settings. Failure when trying to write to database." That would have told me right off where to look for the core problem. Thanks.
  • I'm glad that you figured out the solution!
    I'll mention to the devs that the error should be more explicit. 
    I'll close this thread and mark it as resolved.
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