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Not sending or receiving emails

As the title suggests osticket is unable to receive or send messages. I am using osticket 1.9 and php 5.6. On the IMAP side of things. osticket is able to connect to the email and create a folder, but cannot receive messages. I also get this error when trying to authenticate through smtp. authentication failure [SMTP: STARTTLS failed (code: 220, response: 2.0.0 Start TLS)]. I have searched the internet for a solution but have found nothing that works


  • 1.9 is ancient.  You should upgrade to current (1.9.12)

    That error means that TLS/SSL failed.
    You might want to try PHP 5.5 instead and see if that helps.
  • edited May 2016
    It wont let me downgrade.... Im using ubuntu 15.10. I am also using 1.9.12, forgot to mention the .12 bit XD. I tried downloading and installing php5.5 from ppa:ondrej/php. I purged anything remotely resembling php5.6 and removed anything tied with 5.6 in sources.list.d. Then entered apt-get install php5=5.5..... (insert source). It finds it but cant install it. So im stuck with php5.6...... Any thoughts on getting it to work with php5.6?
  • I read the thread and disabled the SMTP authentication. I still get the same error, but if I don't use authentication I get no error and still cant send.
  • anyone?
  • found solution. So php5.6 is absolute shit when it comes to smtp or email in general. Downgrading fixed all my email related problems. 

    First need to unistall php. apt-get purge php* (for debian systems)

  • So that's actually why I suggested that you try PHP 5.5 instead. :)
  • @ntozier as per our prior conversation that you were so dismissive about.

    I posted the information you suggested I post... 7 months ago........ Your suggesting to get it working was to:

    "So that's actually why I suggested that you try PHP 5.5 instead. :)"

    Don't get me wrong I am more than happy to downgrade to a version that works with the application, but I find it very frustrating when the product advertises it works with (insert software version) but it really doesn't. 

    This is a dev problem. A search pulled up multiple threads with people dealing with the starttls error. Here is a link to the search All "solved" starttls errors solutions are to downgrade to a previous version of php. This is a solution non-the-less, but it does not mean php5.6 is compatible with your app.

    If you can get it to work with php5.6 SHOW ME A WORKABLE SOLUTION. Please prove me to be an idiot. I would rather have osticket working on php5.6 then to be proven right that osticket is not fully compatible with it.
  • So...
    1. Are you still using an outdated version? (1.9.12 when there have been multple maint versions, and a new version released since then)

    2. Have you read the threads linked in this thread recently? (specifically comment 4)

    3. Do you remember posting that you found a fix and posted it here?
  • found a real solution. Had to search this forum a bit but found it!!!

    The problem IS in SMTP.php the file was not updated completely to incorporate php5.6.

    @Shaddana (sorry Shad for dragging you into this, but got to give you credit for the fix) found the problem in the SMTP.php config:
    I found in line 600 as follows :
            if ($tls && version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.1.0', '>=') &&
                extension_loaded('openssl') && isset($this->_esmtp['STARTTLS']) &&
                strncasecmp($this->host, 'ssl://', 6) !== 0)

    I modify to :
            if ($tls && version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '6.1.0', '>=') &&
                extension_loaded('openssl') && isset($this->_esmtp['STARTTLS']) &&
                strncasecmp($this->host, 'ssl://', 6) !== 0)

    It was in line 573 for me but, seems like a dev issue.....
  • Hi All,

    I have setup osTicket in production for my team to handle customers issue via ticket. It was working fine before a week but suddenly it stops fetching emails from MTA. Soemtimes it fetch emails and sometime it does not. It looks some issue , I have checked on my MTA there is no issue. Please suggest me to resolve this issue. I want osTicket to fetch emails in real time.

  • @krishna_ricoh please do not hijack other peoples threads. If you have a question, please start your own thread.

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