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Assigning Ticket Queues

My Tool Version: 1.9.12

Issue Desc:

I logged a Ticket (User) - Auto assigned to a Team A - Person 1 (Team A), Person 2(Team A) logged in and they could see the ticket in Open Queue. 

Presently Ticket is assigned to Team A

Person 1 (Team A) logged in to the application - Reassigned to Person 2 (Team A) (Note: He did not work on the Ticket just reassigned)

Person 2 logged in. Ticket is present in My Ticket Queue.

Issue: Ticket is not tracked at Person 1 (Team A) though he is from the same Team. Please suggest the work around that Same Team Tickets though reassigned between the same Team, the Ticket should be tracked in the Queue and able to be seen by all the same Team members.


  • Note that After Ticket reassignment I could see the Assigned To field as " Person 2 / Team A". But the Ticket is visible to only Person 2. Not to all the Team members of Team A.

    Please suggest the solution Team. Thanks in Advance. 
  • Sounds to me like you should be using a department not a team in this instance.
  • My Configs are such as:
    1. Department A has Team A
    2. Team A has Person 1 and Person 2
  • Departments do not have teams.

    Teams are span cross departments.
  • Resolved it.. Thank you..
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