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Forgot Password - Reset Email Not Received

Version: V 1.9.12

I have configured the SMTP email settings and it is working fine. I receive the Alert mail properly and everything seems to be fine.

When I click on the Forgot Password Link and give the Username / Email ID. It says an email has been sent. But I did not receive the mail.

Please OST Team.. Thank in Advance. 


  • What happens if you try the working email from Alert?

  • Do you have anything in your logs? Which email provider/server?
  • Version of php?
  • There are two Emails:
    1. osTicket Alerts <> ---------> No SMTP details provided. I have Disabled.. (Because same Email ID cannot be used...( cannot be used)

    2. TTD Ticketing Support <> ---------> SMTP Details provided.

    PHP Version = 5.6.20

    Please find below the Error log:

    Password reset was attempted for agent: Zuber Khan

    Source-Ip: xxxxxxx

    Password reset request is attempting through But does not have SMTP settings. So the email is not received. How can I divert Password reset request through other one which has SMTP settings configured (TTD Ticketing Support <>)..

  • Note: All the other alerts are working fine. Thanks
  • Any Help on this Please.. @buck_rogers  @ ntozier @Grizly 

    Logs I have provided above. Need your Help.
  • What happens if you put instead of Gmail?

    I send all my Google apps messages through their relay service via my own postfix box, so I can use any email address I like as long as the domain is mine. (Full dmarc, SPF etc).
  • I get the below Error..

    Unable to email via SMTP:192.16x.xx.9:25 [tickets] Failed to send data [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender)]
  • You've got verification of senders on, create an account for alerts.
  • thank You All.. :) It worked Now.. Please close the thread.. :)
  • No worries mate. :)
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