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osTicket Fatal Error email alert

Hi there
I keep getting this error emailed to me:

Subject: osTicket Fatal Error

Unable to connect to the database — Unknown
MySQL server host '' (0) 

The email's POP and SMTP details are set up correctly (according to our host).  I have enabled email fetching and ticked "Fetch on auto-cron", so emails to our "helpdesk" address are pulling through as tickets correctly when I am signed in.  Just don't understand why this error is emailed to us...

Currently running osTicket Core, v1.9.12


  • That's a problem with osticket being unable to connect to the database. Every time someone visits a page, or every time cron runs. It will email the defined admin, you'll want to check your server and username and password for the database are correct.
    Also check that your database account has permissions for the database.
  • Grizzly is correct. The application cannot connect to the DB.
    edited May 2016
    Thanks for the info! 
    Sorry, I am new to this.  Where can I check (and update/correct) the database info on OsTicket?
    I have access to the files via cPanel, so can update anything that needs to be updated.  I just don't know where this info sits.
    Is it under "Database Options" in /include/ost-config.php ?
    Thanks, again, I appreciate your help!
  • I have just checked all the database options with my host and they have confirmed that all info is correct.  They also did tests and could connect to the database.
    So still don't understand what could be causing this error.
  • Is the host name correct for your database?
    Unknown MySQL server host ''
    Most hosting companies will tell you the correct host name or IP to use.
  • They confirmed that this host name is correct yes
  • Kinda sounds like it isn't.. can you ping that host from the webserver? Maybe DNS is broken.
  • I still get this message emailed to me occasionally...

    Unable to connect to the database — Unknown MySQL server host '' (0)

    Doesn't happen every day, sometimes once a month, sometimes not even that often, but received it about 50 times today.  Which means database info must be correct, otherwise it would surely happen all the time?

    Any idea?  Help would be appreciated.
  • Did you investigate DNS like @Grizly said back in may "Maybe DNS is broken".
    unknown server points to either a DNS issue.  You can try removing DNS from the equation by using its IP address.
  • Thanks, I will check.
    Also getting lots of messages like this all of a sudden...

     Invalid CSRF Token __CSRFToken__

    Invalid CSRF token [371c7cacf0f20f29652c0ee34eb116cc03359686] on

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