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Synchronization with Outlook Contacts Possible?


This may fall more into General Discussions but oh well. 

My limited knowledge tells me this should be possible but I am not quite sure if it is or how I would do it. 

So we are using osTicket as a customer email and hotline support tool and therefore all "Users" in our system are customers that email/call in with an issue. We have a phone system in place to see if the calling customer is currently saved in our database (MS Outlook Contacts) and therefore we can find them in osTicket. However, if the customer is new, then we have to create him/her in osTicket and then afterwards also create them in Outlook (in order for our phone system to later recognize them). 

Ideally we could run some sort of cron that would update all Outlook contacts with their respective osTicket user data and create new customers that are not found. In my research, I ran into @Chefkeks nifty addon ( which is sort of what I am looking for in reverse. I don't want to update the osTicket user info with pulled info using LDAP but want to extract the info to update Outlook contacts (which I don't know if Outlook information is accessible with LDAP). 

Does anyone have any similar set-up / idea if it is possible / any better ideas?? 

Thanks in advance!

osTicket Version: v1.9.9-1
Web Server Software: Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)
MySQL Version: 5.1.73
PHP Version: 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.30


  • Are you saying you want osTicket or a program on the server to update Microsoft Exchange?  Which version of Exchange?
  • Well, it'd be active directory/LDAP, exchange doesn't do contacts.
  • Exchange keeps the Contacts as part of the mailbox, as far as I know.  You don't lose your contacts if you store them on your server.  I don't know that the OP is using Exchange, though.  Maybe just the client, but no Exchange connector.
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