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Ticket filter does not work.

I have a plain vanilla installation of OSTicket running on SupportSystem.  Within that I have only (1) ticket rule.  It has the enclosed details.

If any e-mail comes in through this one account, I want the agent & department to be set.  

The problem is that it doesn't work.  Neither the agent nor the department are set.  I tried:
  • No additional "rules matching criteria"
  • @ symbol
  • with the word 'eBay' which always appears
But it all results in the same thing. It seems too basic to be broken, but I'm not sure what's missing.




  • Hi Sergio,

    In my case, if I want all cases in an email to fall into the same ticket filter, I will use this rule: "xxx contains a" or "xxx not contains a" to make the trick.

  • And you probably want to tick "stop processing rules"
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