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Import Customer and Websites

I have Customers listed in a database that has the name "Customer" in this database I have two fields Name and Website.

I would like to import these to osTicket. Right now I'm able to insert the customers into the ost_organization table using C#. I'm also able to insert the website into the ost_form_entry_values. Use the entry_id  =  (last value + 1) and field_id = 30.

But the website is not being linked to the organization. What would be the best way to do this? 


  • edited May 2016

    Form data is a bit more complicated than it looks. See above for details of fetching ticket data, you'll need to adapt the query to work with users/organisations. Let me know if you get stuck.
  • It would seem I would have to insert into

    ost_form_entry with these values
    form_id = 4 -- Organization form
    object_id = id for Organization
    object_type = O

    entry_id = ? --- I'm not sure what to do here
    field_id = 30
    value = webiteURL

    How do I know what the entry id will be?

  • You should have an ID from the form entry table. It's a two step process to import.
  • The form id is 4 but when enter the data like that. It's not link the website to the Org.
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