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[resolved] CLEAN UNINSTALL of osTicket 1.9.2 and Fresh INSTALL 1.9.12


Our OS ticket were used by other department and now i want to uninstall the old version to wipe out all the data and records to do a fresh installation of the latest stable version..

Two Questions:
1. How to uninstall the older version removing all the records on db or totally removing the db and osticket old folder.
2. How to install the latest version using IIS and mysql db on server 2012 r2



  • Closing this ticket.

    I just drop the DB and install the latest version.

  • That would be the correct way to do it. :)
    You might want to make a back up of the DB prior to doing it though in case you wanted to restore for any reason..
  • Thanks Ntozier! got it! you can close this thread already.
  • Very welcome!
    Thanks for letting us know that you got things sorted.
    I'll close this thread and mark it as resolved.
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