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Google Apps STMP configuration Failes


I have google apps email services. In the Admin Panel -> Email -> Settings I have configured both IMAP and STMP. IMAP settings are accepted and mail fetching working fine. But STMP setting are giving error. The settings are:

HostName : ssl://
Port Number : 465  (have tried with 587)
Authentication Required : Yes
Header Spoofing : Allow for this email address (Ticked)

The error I get is:

Sending Email via SMTP     
Failed to connect to ssl:// [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused (code: -1, response: )]

Additional DetailsPHP : 5.4.45Apache : 2.4.18osTicket : 1.10-RC.2
Please guide.
Thank you.
Warm Regards,Abhishek


  • did you tell google to accept the connection?
    because that errors says that they refused the connection.
  • I am sorry I did not understand you clearly. I assume you are asking if I have activated the PO and IMAP. The answer is yes. I use Outlook to send and receive email in IMAP mode.
  • I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but he is saying the server is rejecting what osTicket is sending.  In other words, osTicket is functioning or you would not get the error message from the server.

    You may want to try to use telnet to see if you get booted.

    Try, telnet 465, and telnet 587.

    Do you get a connection?
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    Sorry for the late response. I have checked. Please find the text below.
    Abhisheks-iMac:~ abhishek$ telnet 465


    Connected to

    Escape character is '^]'.

    Connection closed by foreign host.

    Abhisheks-iMac:~ abhishek$ telnet 587


    Connected to

    Escape character is '^]'.

    220 ESMTP d71sm7707354pfd.80 - gsmtp

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

    Warm Regards,


  • It sounds like your host.  Try this,

    From the website:
    And copy and paste the below
    mail from:<>
    rcpt to:<>
    Subject: test mail from command line

    this is test number 1
    sent from linux box

    Note : Do not forgot the "." at end which represents end of the message

    I found this in web, and added this in Stackoverflow as many end up here.

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    the relay gmail is

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