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End users cannot update tickets thru emails, but agent can

I have located on Google Apps platform

User can receive Agents response in user email.
System is not updating user reply when they respond in the email. It is not recorded in the system.

I enabled debugging logs but I cannot see anything. Testing sending emails from system works fine. 

Page where configuration of emails are are not reporting any problems. Successfully updated this email

About this osTicket Installation

Server Information
osTicket Versionv1.9.12 (19292ad) —  Up to date
Web Server SoftwareApache/2
MySQL Version5.5.46
PHP Version5.5.22


  • edited June 2016
    I presume that you configured the email address that you want to collect email from in osTicket.
    I also presume that you configured cron or windows task scheduler to run on a time table?
  • Dear ntozier
    Thank you for the tip.

    Under Settings/emails

    I enabled 
    Email Fetching - Enable
    Email Fetching - Fetch on auto cron

    and same second updates came. 

    Hope it can help others...
  • Just so you know... [Email Fetching - Fetch on auto cron] will only trigger on staff activity.  This means that if you do not have around the clock staff and an email comes in at 1am, it will not get processed and a ticket created until staff come in the next morning.  The recommended setup is to disable that setting and trigger cron.php using a Cron job or Windows Task Scheduler.

    More information regarding this can be found here:
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