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Moving osTicket to another server

Hi all-

I have been having various issues with osTicket (unable to save as draft, 500 internal server error after creating a ticket- in both cases a ticket is generated but no finish page). So I just want to reinstall this on another server (2012 R2) with new MySQL install, new php install and new osTicket files. I only want to bring over the files necessary to bring up the site as it now exists BUT working better.

I just upgraded to osTicket 1.9.12 (on the old server). Installed MySQL 5.7. Will install php 7.06. Can someone please outline some steps for me? I know I need to dump the db, Install osTicket files (just copy??)  and change config file but I need more detail. Can I just Install osTicket as if it is the first time (brand new) and just move over database and config files (modified of course for db).

Just trying to minimize "contamination" from the old files.



  • I don't think it supports php 7 yet. So don't go that far. I'm thinking 5.5 is the best php version for compatibility.
    If you've inserted your database and files, pointed ost-config at the database then you really don't need to "install" it again, it is installed at that point. Just make backups first!
  • Grizly,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have already put in 7.x but I will backtrack and take your suggestion.


  • Grizly,

    So I just backup the db, restore to new sql, drop my newest osTicket files under wwwroot, update ost-conf and I am done?

  • Restore to new SQL? You mean put db on new server?
  • edited June 2016
    yes db on new server
  • edited June 2016
    With going all that I get a 500.19 error on the web page, still looking. I edited the php.ini to try and produce some log files but it's not working. I have the php.ini just under the folder d:\php .
  • 500.19 generally means that there is a problem with your web.config which is an IIS thing.  What is your server environment (serverOS, webserver software, etc)
  • edited June 2016
    Pretty sure I tried PHP 7 and it did not work.  I'm on 5.5.4.

    If it were me, I'd do the fresh install with 5.6 (if 5.6 works).

    Fresh install, not copying any files over.

    Unless you require the old data, I wouldn't do it, but if you must,

    INSERT INTO db2.table SELECT * FROM db1.table;

    Can help.  If not you'll have to use mysqldump.  Maybe manipulate with the MySQL Workbench.
  • osTicket does not support PHP7 at this time.  It will once 1.10 is released.
  • I'm using php 5.5 . OS is Windows Server 2012 and I am using IIS on that machine.
  • Try what I mentioned above.  I'm interested to see the results.
  • rename the web.config in your osticket directory.  See what happens.
  • edited June 2016

    Okay that got me to the actual pages. User page says system is offline. I get a login for the admin page and after a login I get 'Valid CSRF Token Required'. I really can only Google this as I don't have much to go on. With the current problem (CSRF) this will happen with any browser. If I clear cookies and history I still get the error (on a browser external to system). I did this on the browser right on the osTicket machine and it changed to a 400 error.

    My big issue also is I can't for the life of me get php error log generated. I really would like to get this to present itself. I have tried to attach my php.ini but have problems with that. I have tried adding the necessary parameters.


  • I commented the CSRF code out.
  • Did you not copy over your ost-config.php to the new server?
  • Yes I did copy over the ost-config.php.

  • Should I just comment out the CSRF token stuff? What is this for anyway? I would not know where to look for this tho.

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