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Open a New Ticket form and New Ticket Alert Email question

Version 1.9.12.  I've added a field to the Open a New Ticket form for the user's department.  I'm having a problem passing that department info to the New Ticket Alert email sent to Admin/Agents.  I'm sure it has something to do with the variable names I'm using.  No matter what the User/Ticket creator uses for department, the alert email shows the department as "Support".  Any suggestions?

Open a New Ticket form:

Contact Information form settings:

New Ticket Alert email template:

New Ticket Alert email sent to Admin:


  • edited May 2016
    Is it possible that you chose 'Support' in 'Help Topic' dropdown?
  • Thanks for the reply.  "Support" isn't an option in our Help Topic dropdown.  I've been using Feedback or General Inquiry when testing.
  • Just wanted to clarify that I added the Department field to the Open New Ticket form.  It wasn't there by default, but was included in the sent email by default.
  • Department is an internal osTicket thing... 
    If you added an additional "department" field you will have to add your new variable to your email template
  • Thanks ntozier.  I was starting to look into custom variables.  I think I tried that once, but ended up with blank information sent in the email.  In the contact information form I used the variable udept (User Department) and then tried using ticket.udept in the email template. 

    I was wondering if that variable prefix should be different since it is coming from the contact form.
  • If you are using the Contact Information builtin form you would want to try %{ticket.user.VARIABLE}
  • edited June 2016
    Changed variable in contact information form to userdept.

    Used %{ticket.user.userdept} in New Ticket Alert email template.

    The email sent shows:  Department: %{ticket.user.userdept}

    Something flashes on the screen momentarily, but it is too quick for me to catch what is says.
  • Update:  I restarted my system and it now works.  :-)  Not sure if the same thing could have been accomplished by restarting the MySQL or Apache service, but thought I would give it a try.

    Thank for your help ntozier.
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