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How to pull via SQL custom form entered data

Folks, I know this is easy, and I am not asking to MOD the distribution. 

I have a help topic called travel task, and it uses a custom form called travel form which asks some special questions.

After someone enters all of the data into this travel ticket. I want to simply later run a php/sql query outside of osticket so I can pull all the info that has been gathered.

But I simply don't know in which osticket database table the info will be sitting in.

I want to later simply give a sql query similar to

SELECT field1, field2....etc from table where key is equal to topic id = 17   (I was able to find out that my travel ticket topic has been assigned topic id 17)

I have attached some screen shots of the version number, as well as the ticket custom form that defines the fields/columns of the entries that I assume are being placed in the database somewhere....

Similarly, what would be other table and fields that I should query to get the basic ticket info that every ticket collects. 

Many thanks everyone.



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  • You can turn on MySQL logging,

    if you have access to the MySQL server.  Then you can see what's being pulled up when you hit the various screens.

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    My post got cut off from too many characters.

    (Disclaimer: I wrote that one, for better or worse.)

    This might point you in the right direction.  I can't post the SQL here because it cuts me off in the post saying it's too many characters.
    SELECT    ht.topic, 
              Concat_ws(',', sf.lastname, sf.firstname) AS staff_member, 
    FROM      ost_ticket t 
    LEFT JOIN ost_user u 
    ON        t.user_id = 
    LEFT JOIN ost_staff sf 
    ON        t.staff_id = sf.staff_id 
    LEFT JOIN ost_department d 
    ON        t.dept_id = d.dept_id 
    LEFT JOIN ost_ticket__cdata tcd 
    ON        t.ticket_id = tcd.ticket_id 
    LEFT JOIN ost_list_items lsit 
    ON        Substring_index(tcd.location, ' ', 1) = 
    LEFT JOIN ost_help_topic ht 
    ON        t.topic_id = ht.topic_id 
    LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_status ts 
    ON        t.status_id = 
    LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_priority p 
    ON        tcd.priority = p.priority_id 
    WHERE     t.created BETWEEN $p{ticketStartDate} AND       $p{ticketEndDate}
  • Thanks, it is going to take me a bit of time to figure out what this query is trying to do. Yes I have direct access to the sql server so I can run queries against it 

  • It just retrieves who did what.  You have to look at my note on Github, however, about "location."
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