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Problems with Outlook 2010 and pritscreens

we have problems with printscreens in an Outlook Mail, which is send to the ticketsystem.
In Ticket it looks like: [cid:image001.png@01D1BA5C.2E447150]

The creating of printscreens direct in system is without problems.

Has anybody a solution for it?


  • We have people that do this (and have been doing it for quite some time spanning multiple versions of osTicket and Office) and haven't had any problem with emails with print screen attachments.  So I'm not real sure what you mean.

    Version of osTicket?

  • Outlook : Outlook 2010 prof.
    OSTicket: 1.9.12

    A User puts a printscreen in a mail an send it to the osTicketsystem.
    If you open the ticket in Ticketsystem, there is nor pritscreen, but a line like this: [cid:image001.png@01D1BA5C.2E447150]

    In the ticket directly you can insert a printscreen.
  • HAve themn save the print screen and attach it like they would a normal attachment and see if that helps.
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