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[new feature request] option to switch e-mail adresse of of ticket owner between sender/receiver

A new filter action to switch the email address between sender / receiver would be great!

my background:
I'm sending via an external system outgoing e-mail to my customers. A copy of that email (an offer) is going into my e-mail account. That email account is imported into osTicket. The sender address is my own address, the receiver address is the customers email.

OsTicket is now assigning the ticket to my own address. With a switch action in the filter I could assign the customers email address as a ticket owner.


  • version of osTicket?
    Have you tried Ticket Filters?
  • I'm using v1.9.12 and also installed 1.10rc2 as an test system. I couldn't find an option to influence the ticket owner (within the ticket filters) ... did I miss something?
  • Wouldn't it be better to set the reply-to address in your original message to the ticketing system? That way respondents create tickets instead of every offer?
  • I want to have the offers a tickets. That way the agents can find all offers in the ticket system and don't have to look into some other email account.
  • Is it just one copy being created as a ticket then, not one per customer?

    One way to go is to use the API, build a ticket programmatically with whatever details you like.
  • edited May 2016
    Every offer is one email is one ticket.

    That would be much work for me to create the ticket by using the API.

    Now the ticket is already created. Just with the wrong owner (my own email). I can found the ticket by using the search function (searching for the customer name). Or I can change the ticket owner if I want to see it more clearly in the list.
  • Well, it just so happens I've created a mod that does something similar, you could test it for me. Might need a bit of tweaking to work for non forwarded messages, but the concept is the same. Rewriting inbound messages before the ticket is saved.

    You comfortable hacking at it or do you want me to make a new version for you?
  • Thx. I will take a look next week. I'm a few days away. Your mod is very very well documented. I like that!

    AND also for forwarded messages would be my idee/feature request would be to have an 'filter action' that makes it possible to extract values from the message details. 

    That means a feature that allows as an example to extract the ticket owner via an regular expression from the ticket details / ticket source code.

    So no mod/hacking would be necessary.
  • @grizly Are you a developer of osTicket ... or is the development done by the commecial company behind osTicket?
  • It's made by a commercial company mate, I'm just a guy who uses it at work. Anyone can submit pull requests via github though.
    I've converted my mods to it into plugins mainly because the effort of updating was getting too hard and taking too long. Rebasing was getting ugly!
    I've still not tested the advice plugin yet, been off sick for a few weeks myself.
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