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automatic answers vom osTicket get lost

I'm using osTicket v1.9.12 with german language to automaticly answering request for a holiday home. For that I'm using the ticket filter with Canned Response.

I'm now detected that in some cases the receiver don't get an response ... allthough in the ticket I see the supposed answer. I checked my SPAM-filter, I checked the osTicket system log. Everything seems fine. If I send the same canned response with the normal  post reply function everything works fine. What to do???

I don't see any special for the ticket filters I have the problem.


  • Here a screenshot of the canned response that is in the ticket log but get lost.
  • Can you check your mail server to see if the email was actually sent?
  • My mails are send via SMTP -> with STRATO. There aren't any mails in my outbox ... so I can't check anything there. :-(

    I can reproduce it every time:

    1. canned respond send by the filter is in the ticket log but don't get to the recipient
    2. if I send the same canned respond with the post replay function everything works fine.

  • Still needs help. :-(

    I tried several hours to find a workaround with no success.

    I try to explain what I found up to now (v1.9.12 ):

    I get email request from different senders. They are handled by ticket filters. For all E-Mails I get from the sender '' the canned response never get it's way to the reply-to sender. 

    There seems to be something 'special' with that emails from (see attached file).

    If I send a own email by hand that is detected by the '' filter everything is ok. In that case I get my canned response answer.

  • Same problem if I create a new ticket (by phone) with the 'new ticket' dialog and directly choose a response and close the ticket. There now is a responste in the ticket but it never reach the ticket owner.

    If I choose the ticket from the close tickets list and send a new canned response it is send without any problem.
  • Did you ever check your mail server logs to see if its receiving the email like I asked back on 5/2?
  • I can't check the mail server because the emails are send via SMTP by my provider Strato.

    Hmm. Could I switch from SMTP sending to send via PHP function to get more informations? I will take a look.
  • You should be able to talk to your provider to have them look at the logs to troubleshoot this.
  • There is no way to get that. :-( 

    I only get the log of my webspace/webserver. And there aren't any osTicket errors or at least not from today. 

    I now disabled the 'Sending Email via SMTP' option. But still the same result. The canned response goes to the Nirvana. The manual replay will be send (and arrive) within seconds.
  • edited May 2016
    Have you tried using emails that you know work other than the ones you mentioned?

    edit:  And if you manually send with these addresses, it works?  Do you have a location you can build from scratch and try it, a test environment.

    edit:  have you built a simple PHP SMTP test to see if it works, one completely unrelated to osTicket?
  • ???

    You mean I should use an email adress from another provider as outgoing email adress for osTicket?

    As long as I can use the same inbox I could test it ... and it seems a little complicated. Allthough I will give it a try.
  • @buck_rogers`

    1. I changed the email address to some from another provider. YES thats works (but also for the email address with the promlems it mostly works. It only doesn't work as canned replay to emails from one customer. =<

    2. Yes. Manual replay with that address works and canned replays to other emails/other customers also works very fine. ... You mean a new osTicket installation?

    3. No. How to do? ... and whitch information could I get from that. I would suppose it would work ... because if works in most constellations very well
  • @buck_rogers

    2. I now created a test enviroment as an hosted system at

    I get the same error there too!
  • I think that perhaps you should provide us with a step by step of what you are doing to open / send the response.

    Have you tried disabling German and going back to English?

    simple mail test script first hit on Google for search "php test email script"
  • I had the same issue (OSticket emails getting lost), so in light of this, I loaded Wireshark on to the server running OSticket to perform a capture of all outbound smtp traffic.
    This allowed me to diagnose the issue - (in my case it was Symantec SEP blocking outbound SMTP )

    I'd perform a capure first, to ascertain where to problem lies...

  • @f1lby I have a hosted mail server. So I can't analyse anything  like that:

    and ...

    90% of this SMTP replays for that e-mail adress are working very well.

    It's only the canned replay to emails from ONE portal ( (replay goes to the replay-to email) whitch goes lost. Manuel replays are also working for

    It also don't work at my hosted testsystem at

    I will try to look deeper and describe it more the next days.
  • I can't think of any reason why a canned response to a specific email wouldn't work. Especially when you say all of the other emails are working. This does not sounds to me like it is a problem with the system, it sounds to me like it's a problem with the mail for that domain.
  • I run Wireshark on the OSTicket server, not the SMTP relay server.
    This captures all outbound SMTP from the OSTicket server...

  • @ntozier
    OK, you are right. It's not only a response to one specific email that is going los. 

    It seems that all canned responses to REPLAY-TO receivers are going lost. That means the sender of the e-mail (a holiday home portal) is different then the e-mail address within the replay-to field.

    My osTicket installation is also on a hosted server :-(
  • It sounds like you are going to have to do some tracing down of the email specifics or get another SMTP server.
  • edited May 2016
    I detect a lot off memory errors in my webserver log. Could that be connected to the error?

    20.05.2016 11:42:39 [client] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 84 bytes) in /mnt/web4/c0/00/51140000/htdocs/scheuermatthof_de/osticket/include/class.filter.php on line 325, referer:
  • If every else works, I'd say no.  I'd try a different SMTP server, if possible.
  • I checked it now with two different hosted SMTP-servers: german company strato &

    Both of them doesn't work with canned repay as soon as the get e-mails with a different e-mail address in the REPLAY-TO field. :-(

    I also tried to test it with a gmail account. But I couldn't activate googlemail smtp because of some smtp log in error.

    Is anyone working with the REPLAY-TO option and canned responses?
  • and one more conclusion:

    The replay-to options works with mail that I'm sending from gmail (there I can add a replay-to address).

    It doesn't work with emails that I'm sending with Newsletter Genius (there i can add a replay-to address).

    Without replay-to email my testcase works very well for both ways of sending.

    So I'm very sure there is some kind of 'error' or incapacity of osTicket to handle some of the emails with replay-to addresses!
  • You are going to have to figure out some method of testing in such a way that you can view what's going on via a log or some other method, IMHO.
  • I get the information that some of me 'lost replay' cases are happening because there is an 'Precedence: bulk' header information in the incoming mails. It seems that osTicket is creating a ticket and for some strange reasons refuse to send the automatic canned replay without any information or debug entry in the system log.

    Can anyone confirm that?

    And still I have incoming mails from 2 other senders with 'replay to' header where the automatic canned replays get lost ... independent witch internal sending email I'm using. :-(
  • Just because I can't think of anything else to check off the top of my head can you try changing Admin panel -> Settings -> System -> Default Log Level
    to DEBUG.
  • Sure I have activated DEBUG as log level. 

    There are not very much informations in the DEBUG level. Nearly only the starts of the cron jobs.
  • Is this still the case now that its been a few days?
  • Yes it is. I just don't have the time to examine it. In some cases it don't work at all ( In some cases some email addresses in the replay-to field are working, others not (

    A friend of my also installed osTicket and experiences the same issues.

    In the meantime I installed a 1.10 rc2 test system. I will do some test cases if I had more time. hopefully next week.
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