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Organize tickets in folders?

Is there any way to organize/move tickets to something like folders? So that they are not displayed on "Open Tickets" view anymore..

We have some kinds of tickets (email notifications from our CRM) we collect to process them later. As workaround we have created a new 'notification department' an a new user using filters to assign these notification automatically to that 'notification department'. Only the new user has access to 'notification department'. But this workaround is bad. Regular users have to log out and log in with the new user to work with the notifications. Also we need more than one department for this purpose.

Is there any mod or other approach for this purpose around?

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  • osTicket does not have the concept of folders.  It has the concept of Departments.  It has the concept of Answered and Unanswered and has the concept of Status.
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