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Purging of bulk old closed tickets


I need to purge closed tickets which i dont need anymore.

Also, due to huge data when we need to check history of any ticket it takes too much time in loading.

Currently i need one year data. I tried to delete the closed tickets from frontend where i can delete 50 tickets as page size is 50. Even i tried using advanced seach by marking filter of tickets which needs to be deleted. 

But my problem is whatever i do its taking too much time in loading.

Can anyone suggest a smart way to purge old closed tickets which i dont need anymore (Not Frontend)    

Tanu Girdhar


  • edited June 2016
    Well if you run this SQL query
    SELECT ticket_id FROM ost_ticket WHERE closed < DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 1 YEAR);

    You will get a list of all ticket_id's of tickets older than a year.

    Then you could use that list to delete the ticket and ticket thread and any cdata for each one.

    DELETE FROM ost_ticket WHERE ticket_id=#;
    DELETE FROM ost_ticket_thread WHERE ticket_id=#;
    DELETE FROM ost_ticket__cdata WHERE ticket_id=#;
    DELETE FROM ost_ticket_lock WHERE ticket_id=#;
    DELETE FROM ost_ticket_event WHERE ticket_id=#;
    DELETE FROM ost_ticket_collaborator WHERE ticket_id=#;
    DELETE FROM ost_ticket_attachment WHERE ticket_id=#;

    Obviously doing this programmatically or by combining queries into one large query would save a lot of time..
  • as a follow up you might want to check other tables for the ticket_id field and delete those also... as I didn't look at EVERY table to ensure I got them all.
  • Dear,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt response on the same. Will Definitly try it out.
    Also, do let me know if there is another table (Except listed above) for which i need to run delete command.

    Tanu Girdhar.
  • I would suggest you do this programmatically and make a new table to keep track of the ID#s you deleted. This way if you run into another table that needs to be cleared, you have a list of IDs you've cleared already.
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