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Cron Issue On Synology Rackstation

Our Company recently installed the OSTicket that comes as a package for the synology rackstation. When we turn on the auto cron for emails in osticket admin panel it works fine. However we want to use the email on submission creates the ticket to use the help desk. I tried to use the task scheduler built in to the synology box, but I feel like i am not using the correct .php file to execute this. On our OST admin panel we have the api key created and put that and the url in the rcron.php. I tried running the task using the rcron.php and cron.php with not luck.


  • If you are running cron on the same server then you generally do not need to use an api key.

    That being said I am not familiar with Synology OS and control panels.
  • would having an API key in there cause any issues?
  • aren't sure.
    If its on the same box you generally dont use rcron.php, you use cron.php
    Are you getting any PGP errors in your error log?
  • no I do not see any in the log. i read about using crontab but the synology has its own variant of linux and I can not get root level access to actually schedule a cronjob like the instructions say. The task scheduler lets you execute a script so Would I just have it execute the cron.php? and do I need to add anything in that file?
    the path is volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php  I tried a web call of this and it said about using /api/tasks/cron.php but I don't see this folder
  • here is my cron.php file


        File to handle LOCAL cron job calls.

        Peter Rotich <>
        Copyright (c)  2006-2013 osTicket

        Released under the GNU General Public License WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
        See LICENSE.TXT for details.

        vim: expandtab sw=4 ts=4 sts=4:
    @chdir(dirname(__FILE__).'/'); //Change dir.

    if (!osTicket::is_cli())
        die(__('cron.php only supports local cron calls - use http -> api/tasks/cron'));

  • when I ran the task I got this:
    Task: OS Ticket Emailer
    Start time: Thu, 09 Jun 2016 15:03:33 GMT Stop time: Thu, 09 Jun 2016 15:03:33 GMT Current status: 2 Standard output/error:
    /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
    /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php: line 2: /bin: Is a directory
    /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php: line 3: cron.php: command not found
    /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php: line 5: File: command not found
    /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
    /volume1/web/osticket/upload/api/cron.php: line 7: ` Peter Rotich '

  • local call would be /path/to/osticket/api/cron.php

    web call would be web.domain.tld/api/tasks/cron
  • I'm having a similar issue.  The problem I am seeing is there is no /api/tasks/cron

    Inside the /api/ directory there are just files.  No "tasks" folder and no cron anything (obviously because there is no folder).

    So what do you suggest in this instance?

  • I would suggest that you start your own thread for your own problem and not try to hijack one from someone else.

  • edited July 2016

    ntozier - Not trying to hijack anything.  Since this is the same issue being revisited it seemed like a good place to post.  Most places give you a hard time if you post the same question multiple times instead of trying to keep similar things in the same area.

    Apologies to anyone that thought I was hijacking a topic by making a post!  Just trying to learn how to use osTicket.  It seems like a great product just needing to figure out a few things.

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