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bug in Ticket::lookup()

when i click on "closed tickets" in our system, it just displays 20 Tickets, doesn't matter which order i choose.

i just upgraded to german modified 1.9.11

after some reasearch it turned out, that line 521 of include/staff/ causes this at the 21. ticket
if(($ticket=Ticket::lookup($row['ticket_id'])) && strtolower($_REQUEST['status']) != 'closed') {

in more detail, when $ticket= new Ticket($id) at the lookup-method (line 2305 in include/class.ticket.php) is called, it crashes!

i solved it temporary by change
if( strtolower($_REQUEST['status']) != 'closed' && ($ticket=Ticket::lookup($row['ticket_id']))) {

butthis is just a dirty workaround.
any hints whats the real problem?



  • So I'm not real sure what you mean since there is no such thing as German modified 1.9.11.
    If you are talking about a version that you downloaded from that is not us, and we do not support their version. Languages are added to osTicket by downloading and installing the language packs.

    Also 1.9.11 is really old at this point.  You should upgrade to current.
  • Further, if you've found a bug and have a fix, please submit a pull request on github mate. :-)
  • minor correction to @Grizly statement: If you can confirm that the bug exists in a version we support you should report it on github.  Please do not report "bugs" for unofficial versions.
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