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not able to run ..setup/index.php


I'd like to announce my starting problem with OSticket v1.9.14
We are running a IIS Webserver 8, PHP 7 and MySQL 5.5, I followed the installation guide at
I confidentialy done the prequesits, testetd the php functionality by runing a 'hello world' statement in different subfolders including ../setup/ but
when it comes to ../setup/index.php (or install.php) i only get
Fatal error: Cannot declare class Error, because the name is already in
use in [myPath]\include\class.error.php on line

The installation script will not start. As I don't know much about php code the line 43 in include.php ends a Class Error extends Exeption.
I am not familiar with it and searching the web didnt gave a helpful hint.

Any suggestions would be great.


  • You are running PHP7.
    osTicket does not support PHP7 until the 1.10 stable is released.
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