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Dynamic Custom Field Dropdown

Hi everybody.
I need to implement a custom field that prompt the list of printers' serial number dynamically for each customer.
I already have a database with serial numbers related to customers.
Is that possible?
Thank you!


  • Version of osTicket?

    Probably not.  You would have to make custom lists for each person, and then some how add said list to the users open ticket form or help topic.  There is no way to import information from another external DB to create a custom list.
  • osTicket version: v1.9.12

    Ok, so I have only to find the "some way".
    I think that for now I will let the user input the serial number manually.
    Does this feature will be implemented in the future?
  • I do not know of any plans to add the capability for osTicket to query another external database for information to create a custom drop down that is unique to the client.
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