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v1.10-rc3 - Tasks not sending email

osTicket version: v1.10-rc3
Apache 2.4
Mysql: 5.5.49

I have configured the tasks alerts & notifications, but upon any task activity, I do not see any email being generated.
Watching the mail.log I do not see any entries being generated.

Any thoughts?

Ticket emails work fine...this is strictly for tasks.


  • Update:  I am getting some emails about tasks, but not all.

    When a task is created and a department is selected (required),
    The task is not emailed to the department members as stated in the alerts & notices

    New Task Alert
       Enabled is slected
       Department Manager
       Department Members

    Emails are being generated if a person is assigned (either by assignment on creation, or assign from pulldown menu...)  I do not get the email if I claim it.

  • As a reminder you are using beta software not intended for production use.
    You may want to consider reporting an issue report on github like the devs have asked previously.

  • Thanks.

    I posted a message on github.

    I do realize this is beta software...good thing this isn't a production system (yet).  ;-)

  • I saw your post.

  • Hi, i understand this is a zombie thread i just want to know if this was ever resolved and fixed for the production 1.10 version available to download on the website?
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