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[resolved] Mail Fetch Failure Alert

Have a new issue. Using 1.9.12.
We had to change the password for our email account, which is actually a gmail account.
Upon changing the password, we are getting and sending emails.

But now every 10 minutes we get an email like this:

osTicket is having trouble fetching emails from the following mail account:
Error: Can not authenticate to POP3 server: [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.
128 consecutive errors. Maximum of 5 allowed

It makes no sense, as the email IS coming in. And always has been. The only thing that changed was the password for the email account.
We disabled the auto-fetch and that did stop the errors, but it also made it so NO email was being fetched at all, even with agent activity.
So we have to leave it on in order to have osTicket get the email, but we are bombarded by these error messages.

Any ideas anyone?


  • Sorry, this appears to be posted in the wrong area of the forum. Reposting correctly in troubleshooting.
  • The mail server is rejecting the username and password.

    "Error: Can not authenticate to POP3 server: [AUTH] Username and password not accepted."

    note: moving thread to Installation and Setup Help
  • Well, that's not the case, as it is getting the email.
    Its just that every time it gets the email it also send this erroneous message.

    Again, this is an existing install with 28000 tickets. It only started with a simple password change, which was accepted and works.

  • Hi,
    This problem has been ongoing for months now and we still have no resolution.
    Does anyone know where this error message is being sent from in the code?
    Maybe we can simply edit it out?
  • Update to 1.9.14 seems to have helped.
    Looks like we can close this one out.
  • Thank you for posting your solution, hopefully it will assist someone else.
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