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Tickets reopened by email are assigned to nobody

Hi, we are testing osTicket for our company and almost everything is ok, except one bug (or maybe feature :) ).

When agent closes ticket (that was assigned to him) - he can still view this ticket and it is ok.
After that client replies to it by email - ticket reopens automatically, but it is assigned to nobody and agent cannot see this ticker any mone and cannot help our client.

By logic - if client reopens ticket, it should be assigned to an agent that last answered to it.

osTicket (v1.10-rc.3)


  • my 1.9.7 production sites do not exhibit the behavior you are describing.  So not sure what to tell yah.
  • We use osTicket (v1.10-rc.3)
  • 1.10rc3 is a release candidate (aka Beta software) and shouldn't be used in a production environment at this time.  As I am not running that version in production I cannot test and see if I experience the same thing.  If you are sure that this is the case you might want to report the the bug on github.
  • Same thing happens here.

    Any solution by now?

    Should I expect any problems by downgrading to 1.9.7 now that I was using 1.10rc3 for a while? Any database, configuration problems?


  • I have just upgrade to osTicket Core, v1.10 Latest Stable Release, Released November, 1st, 2016 and I still get the same behaviour.


  • Do you have Claim on Response enabled?

    Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets > Claim on Response

  • edited February 2017
    Yes, Claim on response is always ON.

    I have noticed that Agents setting makes the difference. If  Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets unchecked, it will assign back to agent when reopened via email. But now Agents can see all the tickets, which is not good.


  • Any Agent with access to a department (or Team) can always see all tickets assigned to said Department or Team.
  • edited February 2017
    When Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets is turned on/checked, the Agent will see only tickets assigned to him. When he closes the ticket and user re-opens it via email, the ticket will NOT be assigned to this agent anymore.  Agents receives confirmation email, but can not access the ticket. That's the problem. 

    With Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets ON/checked Claim on response works.
    With Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets OFF/unchecked Claim on response doesn't work.


  • I believe this is a bug. Can anyone confirm?

    Thank you

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