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Multiple Logins for IMAP and SMTP


My email for incoming and outgoing emails are on a hosted exchange email system. IMAP works perfectly, but SMTP does not as it has to be port 25 for my hosted exchange environment, but sadly my web host blocks port 25. 

So my plan is to use a SMTP relay service (send gird) and use their SMTP server details with port 587. 

The stumbling block I am going to have is that I will need to enter 2 sets of login credentials one for my IMAP and a different set for my SMTP. Os ticket only allows me to enter one set. 

What do I do?



  • Setup two different emails in osTicket.
    One to collect email from.
    One to send email from.
  • I encourage my clients to email to raise a ticket and then all from me/helpdesk come from i tried adding another and disabling the incoming part, but it wouldn't let me?

  • Since your not actually sending from that entry.... you can name it something else.  Like "collect-email-from@domain.tld"
  • edited August 2016
    I just tired that but it won't let me add the same email twice - see attached image

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