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Configuring OST for mostly internal use?

Hello all,
I'm using OST (1.9.14) because my boss wants a ticket system so people in different departments can better track the tasks they have to do. He also wants it so that customer service can track items that are broken when the customer gets them, boxes with the wrong items, and so forth. The latter is exactly what OST is for: I import all our users from our existing database, then a customer service rep can open a ticket for that user, and there we go. The former case is where I'm having a problem.

If all of us in the company (it's not a big company) are agents, that lets us all manage tickets--close them, move them, whatever. However, when a new ticket is created, it *must* be opened on behalf of a user (NOT an agent). For example, if Bob in accounting is an agent, as is Jim in management, how would Jim assign Bob a task? Jim would have to open a ticket and assign it to the accounting department > Bob, but on that ticket page OST will demand a user's details. Bob is an agent, not a user. Is it best to make each agent *ALSO* a user, then have agents open tickets on behalf of themselves if they need to? Or is there a better way I'm not seeing?

I hope this is mostly clear. If I can explain anything further, please let me know. OST 1.9.14. Thanks!


  • You need to create user accounts for all your employees that you want to be able to make tickets for...
  • Okay. That's what I was thinking about, but I was hoping there was a way that I could make the system see certain agents as users for the purposes of ticket assignment. At least now I know I can't.
  • edited July 2016
    Nope..  Sadly there is no way to have an agent also be a user with out having a user account.

    Do you use LDAP or AD?
  • We do have AD set up, but I've never personally dealt with it. I believe we only use it to manage user accounts on our machines, and not everyone will have or use their own, depending on their assignments and assigned machine(s). Still, if I can get with the guy who runs that, what could it do with OST in this case? It's certainly worth investigating if it would help.
  • You can import all the users into osT, and then they would be able to use their AD username and password to log in.
  • I've just downloaded the plugin for this and will be setting it up. Thanks for the reminder--this should make things easier. Plus, I'm told that our AD is set up better than I thought, making it exactly what I was hoping for but thought we didn't have here.
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