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Unable to save email templates?

Hello all,
I was recently trying to update an email template, the first time I've done so. I failed--or rather OST failed. When I make my edits and hit 'save', OST appears to revert to a previous version. Not the default, but an earlier draft. Yet, there are no errors or warnings anywhere on the page, and my web server log shows no problems at the times I try this. I've used Firefox and IE, but both do the same thing. In case it helps, here's the template I'm trying to save. I hope this comes through on the forum. Even if it's horribly incorrect, why would I get no error messages when OST tries to save it?

<h2>Hello %{},</h2>
<p>%{} has opened a new ticket (#<a href="%%7Bticket.staff_link%7D">%{ticket.number}</a>) for the %{} department. The ticket content follows:</p>

 %{message} <br>

    To view or respond to the ticket, please <a href="%%7Bticket.staff_link%7D">login</a> to the support ticket system
 <em>Your friendly Customer Support System</em> <br>
<a href=""><img width="126" height="23" style="width: 126px;" alt="Powered By osTicket" src="/file.php?key=b56944cb4722cc5cda9d1e23a3ea7fbc&amp;expires=1469577600&amp;signature=ac792d2f486ef46b07a9037709b52dba062c33f0&amp;disposition=inline" data-cid="b56944cb4722cc5cda9d1e23a3ea7fbc" unselectable="on"></a>


  • Huh.
    What version of osTicket?

  • I do that every time! Sorry. 1.9.14.

    I looked at the process again; when I save, I see both "successfully updated template" and "draft saved", yet it always reverts. Some modifications it accepts, some it doesn't, but never is there an error message. I even had someone sighted double check, just in case the screen reader was missing the error, but there's nothing except the success message.
  • Yes, I always edit in HTML view. Thanks for the link. Switching back to normal before saving does indeed seem to fix the problem.
  • Excellent.  I forgot that was even opened and had to search for it.
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