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[resolved] Moved OST to Windows; admin email fails, yielding fatal error

Hey all,
Yesterday, I moved my OST 1.9.14 from Debian to Windows Server. I thought it would be easy, but I'm having a problem with getting the admin email to send. Since that fails, I get a fatal error, and nothing works (this is in bootstrap.php).

From what I've read, I have to use PHPMailer, but I don't know how. I have the zip file for that library, but there's no way I know of to get OST to use it. What really confuses me is why no one else runs into this; there must be thousands of OST instances running quite happily on Windows servers. Something internal must be configured differently, since I started on Debian and simply restored the entire database on the Windows Server machine. Is fixing this a simple change to the database somewhere, or do I need to use PHPMailer and running OST on Windows is far less common than I thought? Thanks!


  • You do not have to use PHPMailer.  You can use SMTP or you can use PHPMail. If you want to use PHPMail, then you need to configure the [mail function] section in your php.ini.

    We run under windows and use SMTP to send mail through our Exchange server, and do not use the PHPMail feature.
  • Disregard this. It turned out to be a misconfiguration of my database settings on the Windows Server (wrong username). Once I changed that, everything started working again. Oops.
  • Gotcha. 
    I hate when i do things like that. :)

    I'll close this thread.  Have a great weekend!
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