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Adding new agents

I am very new to OSTicket, and we are testing it to see if we can use it within our company to track customer issues.
OSTicket is installed on a PC running W7 32-bit.
OSTicket version: 1.9.14
Webserver: Abyss/2.11.1
MySQL: 5.7.14
PHP: 5.6.24

The installation appears to have gone okay and I can view across the network and log-on using the orginal account. However the problem is that I can't create new agents. Each time I try to create a new account I get the error "Vaild email is required". The email address entered is correct I have even tried two different email addresses within the same domain.
I then tried creating with a total different email address and this time I got "Unable to add this agent. Correct error(s) below and try again.". The problem is that no errors are highlighed.
I have attached a couple of screen shots.
Am I doing something wrong?
If you need any further information please let me know.



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